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The textile industry faces many new challenges every day: short-term trends, intense competition, constant innovation and high production costs, which create high needs for producers. We have comprehensive solutions to address these challenges, including a comprehensive and coordinated product portfolio to equip any type of device. Development and improvement of machines through digitalization, automation, etc. increases reliability and cost efficiency.

Iran Electric Sensor Company with more than a few decades of experience in consulting and supplying automation products and precision instruments needed by various industries in the country, including the textile industry, is proud to cooperate with prominent brands such as …., …., …., And …. in solving challenges.

To solve the above challenges, we suggest the following solutions:

1. Transformation of chemical compounds into synthetic fibers and yarns

Due to the lack of specific restrictions on the production capacity of synthetic fibers, adequate access to crude oil and the growing needs of the world’s population, the production capacity of synthetic fibers is increasing.

Iran Electric Sensor Company is a reliable partner for drive and automation solutions, use of extruders, rotary pumps, godets, tissues and use of wind deflectors by providing the required equipment and providing technical advice.

The solutions we offer for these issues are:

Complete solutions from a single source, drive and automation system, project development, coordination, configuration and control box design
Reduce configuration and commissioning costs due to fully integrated automation
Development of special devices to increase speed and accuracy with the help of u / f diagrams that allow large reverse operation
Development of cost-effective special drives for manufacturers of machines with integrated technology

2. Transformation of natural materials into natural yarns using various devices

Many changes have taken place over the past decades. In addition to the conventional ring rotation process, other methods such as compact rotation and rotor rotation are used today.

The interaction of different drives and transmission elements in modern yarn production puts a lot of demand on drives and automation. Uniaxial solutions and smart drive concepts in combination with our controllers form a consistent concept.

Suitable for use in the spinning chamber via flow cooler or plate cooler
Complete cost-effective solution through proven and customized products / systems through optimized device automation
Need for less space and reduce the number of parts through compact and dual-axis converter modules through multi-axis drive control

3. Converting yarns and yarns into fabric using weaving machines, weaving or weaving and non-woven

Iran Electric Sensor Company offers solutions for basic or complex production applications using knitting machines, yarn weaving, knitting and non-woven. We offer automation solutions for completely non-woven lines that include integrated safety performance, advanced communication via Profinet and custom motion control.

4. Processes such as washing, dyeing, etc. that improve the appearance of products are generally considered finishing activities (Finishing).

Our solution for Finishing processes is simple and integrated engineering and product support and time saving using SIMOTION, SIMATIC and SINAMICS products.

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