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About Iran Electric Sensor

Iran Electric Sensor Company, thanks to its Lord and Founder (Mr. Manouchehr Azimi) and more than three decades of experience (since 1989) in the Siemens industrial automation industry, sensors and instrumentation; Benefiting from the experiences of experts; And close contact with the country’s industries, especially food, automobile, cement, steel, oil and gas industries and those involved in the field of industrial automation, has devoted all its efforts to deeply recognizing the needs, issues and problems of the country’s industries and providing them in the field of industrial automation.

To achieve this, Iran Sensor Electric Company has serious and detailed negotiations with the largest and most reputable industrial automation companies in the world (Siemens, Pepperl + Fuchs, Ifm, Sick, Abb (Telemecanique) Schneider, Turck, Leuze, Balluff) to provide Products of sensors, PLCs, encoders, relays, power supplies, microswitches, sockets, drives and instrumentation, which made the company, as a provider of high quality and economical products in the shortest possible time to customers and consumer industries Introduce industrial automation.

The result of these efforts is to increase the variety and quality of products of Electric Sensor Company, especially in the field of PLC and sensor products, which pave the way for the geographical development of the company’s activities, more communication with industries and organizations and expanding activities in providing various industrial automation products and instruments. Provided.


Leading company in providing consulting services, supply and support of industrial automation equipment, sensors and precision instruments in Iran


Sustainable, innovative and ethical value creation for customers (various industries and consumers of industrial automation equipment, sensors and instrumentation) and other stakeholders (employees, shareholders, etc.) by providing comprehensive products, services and solutions in the automation industry Industrial with the approach of providing superior quality and economic product in the shortest time


  • Accountability and ethics
    Commitment to supply superior quality products in the shortest time
    Continuous and effective interaction with customers and other stakeholders
    Organizational human capital development
    Strategic approach
    Standardization and systemic attitude
    Dynamics and business development
    Stable profitability of stakeholders

Electrical sensor products:

our customers :

With more than three decades of activity in the field of industrial automation, sensors and instrumentation industry, Electric Sensor Company is proud to cooperate with more than 1000 organizations in the following various fields:

  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Wire and cable industries
  • Rubber industry
  • Cement industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Publishing industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Packaging Industry

This valuable cooperation has made Iran Electric Sensor the most reliable company in the field of timely, economical and quality supply for all organizations, and currently the most well-known organizations in the country use the services of this company.

Iran Electric Sensor Repair and After Sales Service Department

Our repair and after-sales service department is a specialized center to meet the needs of industry owners and organizations. This unit provides the following capabilities to its customers:

A reliable reference for many problems and hardware defects of automation equipment
Providing services by educated and experienced professionals
Provide a quick response to the customer
Providing guaranteed quality services
Possibility of concluding a contract for maintenance of industrial automation equipment, sensors and instruments

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