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Plastic can be called the material of the 21st century, the scope of its use is very wide and thanks to new compounds, it has become wider, so the demand for its production is still growing.

Iran Electric Sensor Company with more than a few decades of experience in consulting and supplying automation products and precision instruments required by various industries in the country, including the plastics industry, is proud to work with prominent brands such as …., …., …., And …. in solving challenges.

Here are some of the challenges facing the industry:

1. Maintaining the mouth of the device continuously:

Use ultrasonic sensors to reliably monitor the level of granules and powders in the tanks. Continuous, contactless measurement technology is dust and dirt safe. The filling level can be controlled by an analog signal or by two switching signals as min / max values ​​if required.

2. Continuous nutrition of product ingredients:

The minimum / maximum surface of the injection molding machine must be constantly monitored to ensure a constant flow of material. Capacitive sensors can do this for you: whether in the hopper in direct contact with the material or through the outer wall, surface-filled markers can reliably determine all values.

3. Fast and reliable control of coupling stations:

Use stand-alone RFID systems to ensure the correct mix of additives, paints and granules at the junction station. Each coupling is identified and released if connected in the appropriate place. In this way we ensure that the right component is always used.

4. Temperature control and tracking of dryers:

Dry granules are essential for high quality plastic parts. Our capacitive stainless steel sensors are high temperature resistant, they ensure that not a single wet granule remains inside the dryer. They are heat resistant to 250 ° C and track and control all surfaces with high confidence.

5.Detection of injection process:

Our induction positioning system ensures that your molds are filled accurately and at high speed, for this purpose high frequency and accurate sampling is measured reliably. For example, you can calibrate injection specifications to produce high quality parts and thin walls.

6. Determining the position of the traction core:

For optimal core adjustment, our compact magnetic field sensors are ideal. They ensure that the core pressure is required at the end position and they detect the position directly in the hydraulic block cylinder. You can also use high temperature sensors.

7. Monitoring the constant pressure of the press plates:

Complete closing of the pages requires proper pressure. Reliable pressure control in the hydraulic cylinder is performed by a rugged pressure sensor in a stainless steel housing. Pressure sensors transmit their values ​​directly to the controller and thus allow it to be fine-tuned.

8.Measure the filling of the mold:

Capacitive sensors at high pressure and temperature check with acceptable confidence whether the cavity is completely filled and welding is complete. They provide excellent mechanical stability – for example for lightweight construction – and can be integrated directly into the tool. Their special polished surface prevents the adhesion of plastics and composites.

9. Creating transparency and integration of sensor signals:

Various modules such as EtherCAT with IO-Link interface collect all the signals from various standard sensors and transmit them to the controller. This solution simplifies the whole network structure and creates transparency to the last step.

10. To control all the movements of the devices:

Magnetic sensors control the reciprocating movements of the shock station even if it vibrates. These measurement systems have an EtherCAT interface. They have a long life due to contactless measurement and wear.

11. Fast and reliable template change:

Industrial RFID replaces and changes templates quickly and reliably by unambiguously linking half of the template through unique identifiers. This solution allows for rapid resizing and facilitates a continuous process.

12. Visual quality control:

All parts, including the production process, are monitored by smart cameras and answer the following questions:

Are the production stages complete and flawless? Is their size, distance and position correct? Are they properly aligned?

13. Simple changes of mechanical connections:

With the help of induction pairs, the need for manual placement of mechanical joints is eliminated. Couples send signals and forces without contact and offer maximum flexibility. Quick connection units can be changed instantly in the gearbox.

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