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Because the food industry is a highly competitive industry, quality and health issues are of paramount importance.

Food industry for automatic and continuous production with high quality and speed with challenges such as, standard filling level of containers (bottles and cans), correct packaging of containers (bottles or cans), correct labeling on containers (bottles and cans), diagnosis The presence of containers (bottles or cans) in the desired location for filling, the absence of foreign objects in the bottle or can, tracking cargo and ….

Iran Electric Sensor Company with more than a few decades of experience in consulting and supplying automation products and precision instruments required by various industries in the country, including the food industry, is proud to cooperate with prominent brands such as Zamzam, …., …., .. .., and …. in solving the above challenges.

To solve the above challenges, we suggest the following solutions

1. Surface detection:

Capacitive sensors reliably detect the surface of various materials. Depending on the type of products, this diagnosis can be detected without contact or in direct contact with the environment.

2. Identification, counting and packing tables:

Our optical sensor is a modular system consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, allowing you to adjust the distance and size separately. Because pills are packaged automatically, they must be accurately and reliably identified and counted.

3. Check the content of the package:

Ophthalmic sensors have a high degree of flexibility that can be adapted to your processes and at the same time have complete and accurate monitoring of your entire production.

4. Cutting tablets:

Our sensors ensure fast and reliable detection of the printing mark. This is important for monitoring the position of printing molds and coordinating cutting processes, and is the only way you can have fast, accurate, quality and safe cutting.

5. Monitoring the correct labeling and packaging of products:

It is very important to monitor the height and diameter of the bottles, which can cause many problems if they are filled incorrectly. This is done using a high resolution optical sensor. The sensor first detects the width of the bottle and compares it to the defined values. It then checks to see if the lid is selected correctly. Another optical sensor then checks the height of the bottle to see if the cap is on the bottle.

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