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Because the food industry is a highly competitive industry, quality and health issues are of paramount importance.

Food industry for automatic and continuous production with high quality and speed with challenges such as, standard filling level of containers (bottles and cans), correct packaging of containers (bottles or cans), correct labeling on containers (bottles and cans), diagnosis The presence of containers (bottles or cans) in the desired location for filling, the absence of foreign objects in the bottle or can, tracking cargo and ….

Iran Electric Sensor Company with more than a few decades of experience in consulting and supplying automation products and precision instruments required by various industries in the country, including the food industry, is proud to cooperate with prominent brands such as Zamzam, …., …., .. .., and …. in solving the above challenges.

Bag packaging machines mainly face the following challenges:

1. Nylon roll tips and guides:

The hassle-free packaging of the nylon machine ensures the continuous tension of the roll material and the correct length of the nylon is always maintained. A sensor with direct measurement of the angle of the moving arm can help us in constant tension.

2. Transparent nylon detection:

Our optical sensors can reliably detect the presence of clear nylon in the packaging of packaging bags.

3. Foil edge control:

Our regular optical sensors measure the position of the edge of fast foils or braided bands. The specified values can be used for precise control of the drive and guides related to the production equipment. The result is smooth and straightforward. Our sensor is available in different versions. This allows you to respond flexibly to any customer need.

4. Control the diameter of the circle of nylon rollers:

The diameter of the circle must be constantly monitored to ensure that the nylon rolls are replaced in a timely manner. The photoelectric distance sensor is ideal for this. They measure nylon with great accuracy, regardless of color, material, or degree of reflection.

5. Recognize the marks printed on the packages:

Reference and printing marks help to reliably identify packaging materials in automated manufacturing processes and position them correctly. Our sensors reliably detect these signals.

6. Accurate positioning of nylons:

Preservatives are important when wrapping a product with stretch nylon. This means that stretch nylon must be positioned exactly. Our magnetic encoders are the ideal solution.

In the above section, we got acquainted with the challenges and solutions of nylon packaging machines. In the following, we want to get acquainted with the challenges and solutions of carton packaging machines:

1. Access control:

Using industrial RFID systems, you restrict access to machinery for safety and to prevent tampering. Distinction between individuals allows limited access to specific pages. Interface views can be changed automatically. Access control allows the operator to see the working time and regular maintenance.

2. Set the template:

Packaging plays an important role in purchasing decisions. They are often even the only distinguishing feature from the competition as the variety of shapes and sizes increases. Our magnetic sensors simplify the measurement and storage of shape data, change the format quickly and reliably, and thus increase the rate of return.

3. Code tracking and text description on the package:

For quality assurance communication at the end of the packaging process, check the text on the packaging and verify the printed barcode. Production and expiration dates as well as serial numbers must be verified quickly and reliably. Eye sensors are the right answer for the wide variety of applications in image processing.

2. Check the height of the package on the pallet:

Our photoelectric distance sensors monitor the pallet height with extraordinary accuracy. Even at longer distances. This sensor can be used with different pallet heights thanks to the adjustable and flexible measuring range.

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