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Because the food industry is a highly competitive industry, quality and health issues are of paramount importance.

Food industry for automatic and continuous production with high quality and speed with challenges such as, standard filling level of containers (bottles and cans), correct packaging of containers (bottles or cans), correct labeling on containers (bottles and cans), diagnosis The presence of containers (bottles or cans) in the desired location for filling, the absence of foreign objects in the bottle or can, tracking cargo and ….

Iran Electric Sensor Company with more than a few decades of experience in consulting and supplying automation products and precision instruments required by various industries in the country, including the food industry, is proud to cooperate with prominent brands such as Zamzam, …., …., .. .., and …. in solving the above challenges.

To solve the above challenges, we suggest the following solutions

1. Monitor the filled surface of containers

In the food industry, containers (bottles and cans) can be filled relatively quickly and in a very short time, and this can be done continuously, thus eliminating time spent transporting and traveling. This high filling rate of the bottles may lead to the bottle not being filled to the desired level and lead to poor quality. To prevent this, sensors can be used to monitor the filled surface of the bottle, which can be prevented by monitoring the filled surface of the bottle.

2. Monitoring the accuracy of packaging

In the industries, the tightness of the lid of containers (bottles and cans) in the food industry is very important, which if not done properly will lead to severe customer dissatisfaction. Ophthalmic sensors assure us that the lid of the container is tightly closed.

3. Identify the correct labeling on the dishes

Containers (cans and bottles) are labeled after filling. After labeling with optical sensors, you can be sure that, firstly, no label is missing and secondly, incorrect information is not inserted on the labels. Also, when detecting the color of the label, they detect the smallest shade, meaning that the sensors reliably detect faded colors.

4. Check the presence of the container for safe filling

Due to the automaticity and high speed of production in continuous production lines, we must first make sure that the container is present in the relevant place so that the machine automatically fills the relevant product. Our solution to this problem is ultrasonic sensors, which, after identifying the container and making sure that the desired containers are in place, allow the device to be filled.

5. Recognize objects during production

Hygiene regulations are very important in the production of food products and the presence of a foreign body in the products is very undesirable. Our solution for detecting the presence of foreign objects during production is to use optical sensors that report the presence of a foreign object in the packaging.

6. Tracking shipments

Shipments of materials at any stage of transportation can be tracked with RFID cards. With this method, shipments can be easily identified and tracked, and all information such as quality, arrival time, etc. can be controlled.

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